Create A Fresh Face With Bare Minerals Makeup In Five Minutes

Finally, if you havent yet looked into lash extensions - this salon has the best reviews - add two coats of mascara, wiggling the brush from the base of the upper lash line to the very tips.

Lips and Cheeks

Your blush and lip color should take you about a minute total. Grab a fluffy blush brush and dip it Bare Minerals loose powder blush (peachy pinks will work on most skin tones).

Do Not Fast for Weight Loss


Fasting refers to the process of abstaining from food for a certain reason. It could be for health reasons or religious reasons. Fasting can be dry where there is total abstinence from food and there is wet fasting where a person does not eat solid food but they take liquids. Nowadays there is fasting for weight loss which is said to be dangerous.